Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Noor-Mengal saga is actually a ‘love triangle’

Farooq Mengal and Actress Noor
By Maira Fayyaz

LAHORE: The bone of contention between Farooq Mengal and film actress Noor is the talented Sanam Baloch, the producer/director revealed to Daily Times.

However, Noor said she got married to Mengal because she needed a shoulder to cry on at that time as she was going through a rough phase in her life.

“Unfortunately, I assigned him as the director for my brainchild drama ‘Qasyiay Dil’, and during its making we fell in love and eventually got married,” the actress said. Talking about her few-months-old marriage, she said Mengal was a “psycho”, alleging that he physically and emotionally tortured her.

“It is important to note that this kind of abusive behaviour is often motivated by a sense of powerlessness and insecurity. This man has already been involved in one of his wives’ murder case. If we talk about Mengal’s personal life, there is a long list of affairs he has had, including with Maria Wasti, Rizwana Sheikh and now Sanam Baloch,” Noor said in a tough tone.

She said the last dispute that she had with Mengal was over Sanam. “These days, they are having an affair, and when I came to know about that I exchanged harsh words with him,” she added.

“Later, Sanam called me and asked me if I had any problems with Mengal and her relation, which angered me. Now I want to break this relation and get rid off that man who is a failure, personally and professionally. He stands no where,” the actress said.

On the other hand, Daily Times contacted Mengal and asked him about his take on the allegations, to which he said it did not matter what Noor thought or claimed. “I know what I am and where I stand,” he added.

Talking about his marriage with Noor, Mengal said he supported her as he thought she needed help to recover from her previous experience, adding, “But she proved me wrong.”

Regarding Maria Wasti, the producer/director said the two had a five-year relation that went really smooth and he respects the time they spent with each other. As far as Sanam Baloch was concerned, Mengal said what upset Noor was that he signed the former for his upcoming project instead of his “wife”. “This is why Noor feels threatened of Sanam, who is talented and young and has a long way to go,” he added.

About his marriage with Noor, he said he wanted to it to carry on but was sure that all this was happening because of the actress’s family who wanted to exploit their marriage. Regarding the allegations, he said he could also point fingers on Noor’s character, but there was no use as she was still his wife, whom he respected.

About their joint venture, Mengal said ‘Qasyiay Dil’ has been directed, written and edited by him. “So whatever she is saying is all untrue. If she wants a separation, she can ask for it instead of making fun of herself. I can’t prolong this relation forcefully but I would appreciate if it ends on a positive note,” he added.(DT)

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